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ART MOULDS© can be used with a wide range of craft applications that are too numerous to mention individually, but include Cake Icing Mix, Polymer Clay, Papier Mache, as well as Makins Air Dry Clay and Metal Clay. ART MOULDS© are also manufactured with a built in release agent which allows easy removal of your piece.

Metal Clay are delighted to offer this wonderful range of easy to use, Australian made ART MOULDS©.

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MCAM007 Naked Lady
Med H5.2cm x W2.3cm $9.75

MCAM009 Floral Heart
Med H2.5cm x W2.3cm $9.75

MCAM101 3 Hearts
Med Diam 2.2cm $9.75

MCAM014 Egyptian Bug
Med H2.3cm x W3.00cm $9.75

MCAM017 5 Flowers
Med Diam 2.6cm $9.75

MCAM024 Feather
Med H4.1cm x W1.1cm $9.75

MCAM025 Fossil
Med H3.5cm x W2.5cm $9.75

MCAM039 Script
Med H4.00cm x W3.3cm $9.75

MCAM048 Confucious Medallion
Large Diam 4.3cm $11.50

MCAM053 Rose Trio
Med Diam 3.3cm $9.75

MCAM054 Cave Deer
Med H2.8cm x W3.7cm $9.75

MCAM060 Stepping Stone
Large Sq 3.5cm $11.50

MCAM061 Oval Cabochon
Small H2.3cm x W2.00cm $9.25

MCAM063 Miss Froggy Small
H2.3cm x W2.4cm $9.25

MCAM064 2 Dolls Faces X Large- Large
2.5cm diam Small 1.8cm diam $13.75

MCAM069 Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Med H3.3cm x W2.4cm $9.75

MCAM074 Miniature Cameo
Small H2.6cm x W1.9cm $9.25

MCAM078 Conch Shell
Med H3.4cm x W1.4cm $9.75

MCAM087 Pyramid Eye
Med H2.2cm x W3.1cm $9.75

MCAM090 Mask 1
XLarge H3.8cm x W3.1cm $13.75

MCAM1004 The Face
Med H2.3cm x W1.5 $9.75

MCAM104 Scarab
Med H2.5cm x 2.1cm $9.75

MCAM211 Stylized Gum
Large H7.00cm x W1.5cm $11.50

MCAM226 Celtic Swirls
Large H8.00cm x W7.2cm $11.50

MCAM227 Deco 3
Med Diam 2.1cm $9.75

MCAM234 Pentagon
Med Point to point 2.1cm $9.75

MCAM237 Left Hand
Large H1.2cm x 0.7cm $11.50

MCAM251 Mini Frog
Small L 1.6cm x W1.6cm $9.25

MCAM254 Mini Fossil
Med L 2.4cm x W1.6cm $9.75

MCAM255 Skeletal Leaf
Large L 2.8cm x W1.9cm $11.50

MCAM281Woman Scarf
Large L3.5cm x W3.0cm $11.50

MCAM278 Mini Ginko
Large L3.00 x W3.5 $11.50

MCAM804 KI Pacific Angelfish
XXLarge L4.5cm x W4.2cm $16.50

MCAM050 3 Ladies Cameo $16.50

MCAM083 Seashore Diam 2.9cm $9.75

MCAM076 Chinese Dragon
H7.00 x W2.00cm $11.50

MCAM169 Dragon Pendant
H5.00 x 3.00cm $13.75

MCAM180 Donut Diam 2.65cm $9.75

MCAM184 Heart Lock H4.00 x 4.3cm $13.75

MCAM185 Swirl Diam 3.9cm $16.50

MCAM123 Set Of Wings H6.5 x 2.1cm $16.50

MCAM124 Side Butterfly H4.7 x W2.7cm $11.50

MCAM086 Ethnic H4.85 x 2.6cm $11.50

MCAM Ladybird H3.00 x W2.00cm $11.50

MCAM314 Mini Baroque Beauty H3.5 x W2.00cm $13.75

MCAM315 Round Heiroglyphics Diam 3.8cm $16.50

MCAM094 Circles L Diam 2.2cm S 1.6cm $9.75

MCAM316 Celtic Dragon W4.00 x H2.5cm $16.50

MCAM023 Petroglyph H3.7 x 3.7cm $9.75

MCAM039 Script H4.00 x 3.3cm $9.75

MCAM301 Le Bust(Deep) H3.00 x 3.5cm $16.50

MCAM303 Fairy Cameo H4.5 x 3.5cm $16.50

MCAM312 Egyptian Cameo H4.8 x 3.8cm $16.50

MCAM051 Fan H6.2 x 8.4cm $16.50

MCAM308 Mini Dragonfly 3.2 x 3.4cm $13.75

MCAM139 Fan H4.5 x W8.6cm $16.50

MCAM187 Fragments Diam 7.4cm $13.75