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Makin's Clay® is a non toxic Air Dry modelling clay that requires NO baking. The No Bake Clay® dries with normal exposure to air after approximately 24 hours.

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Makin's is an exciting addition for Metal Clay. The Air Dry Polymer Clay is a completely safe, quality product to use, for both adults and children over 3. There are 9 Basic Colours, 4 Neon Colours and the amazing Glow in the Dark. Makin's Clay is unique in that it can be succesfully mixed with acrylic paint to achieve any colour imaginable. Alternatively, use the cleverly designed Makin's Ruler to measure, mix and accurately match your clay to the colours on the chart.

The Makins Tools, Cutters, Texture Sheets and Moulds are the perfect accessory for all creative crafters who use clay, including Polymer Clay and Metal Clay artists, Scrapbookers and Cake Decoraters alike, will find most of the Makin's products, extemely useful. They have been thoughtfully and expertly designed to meet every creative need.

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Get Rolling with Makin's Clay

9 Basic 120g Colours
White, Natural, Terracotta, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, Plus Multicolour, Vineyard and Earth Tones mixes

4 Neon Colours - Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow + 1 Glow in the Dark

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Makin's Tools Cutters Moulds and Texture Sheets

Great news! The Ultimate Clay Extruder's barrel is made of annodised aluminium and can be used safely in combination with metal clay. To ensure your metal clay does not become contaminated - avoid using sharp tools that could scratch the protective annodised coating on the inside of the extruder

Makin’s ClayCore™ Extruder Adapters

Clay Core Adaptor Small Set Code 35097

Clay Core Adaptor Large Set Code 35098

These amazing Makin’s ClayCore™ Extruder Adapters give expanded design options and flexibility to create various geometric clay shapes with hollow cores of different sizes. This is particularly useful when making beads and pendant bails for jewellery designs. ClayCore™ Extruder Adapters are available in two set sizes – Small and Large. The first set of three adaptors, comes in these sizes: 1mm-2mm-3mm. The second set consists of 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm. ClayCore™ Extruder Adapters are designed to work with discs included with the Makin's Professional™Ultimate Clay Extruder™, and Extruder Disc Set A and Set B Easy to use - Simply insert clay, the adapter, and shape disc then screw on the end cap.
Instructions are included

Extruded Hollow Core Examples

SPECIAL STAINLESS STEEL METAL CLAY EDITION ULTIMATE CLAY EXTRUDER DISCS These smaller, refined extruder shapes have been designed especially to use with metal clay and can be safely used with the Ultimate Clay Extruder Code 35100

20 Clay Cutters

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Sets of 3 Cutters





Clay Cutter Sets

8 Styles

Alphabet Code 37001

Flowers and Leaves Code 37005

Code 37006

Code 37003

Code 37002

Code 37008

Code 37007

Code 370084

Texture Sheets

$5.95 per Set - We now also have Set D and E in Stock

Texture Sheet Set A

Texture Sheet Set B

Texture Sheet Set C

Push Moulds

We now also have Christmas, Baby and Mask Push Moulds in stock







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