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Alumina Hydrate 250 grams


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Alumina Hydrate 250 grams

Alumina hydrate is a fine granular white powder that is often added to ceramic glazes as a source of alumina. Alumina Hydrate is also a handy material that is ideal for supporting delicate, domed or layered metal clay pieces during firing. Because metal clay does not shrink evenly or consistently, projects with vaying thicknesses can be challenging to fire. It is beyond frustrating when metal clay pieces warp or change shape as they are fired in the kiln. Alumina Hydrate offers a solution.

How to use Alumina Hydrate succesfully.
The "burying" aspect of using alumina hydrate to maintain shape and avoid warpage is important. *BURY the entire metal clay piece in Alumina Hydrate during kiln firing if you want to maintain the original shape. If slight curvature in a project is the aim, the firing process differs...see below.

How to maintain a projects shape and avoid warpage.
Bury flat pieces in Alumina hydrate - laying absolutely flat or horizonal to the surface.
Bury rings or round pieces Alumina hydrate - accurate to the horizontal (east to west) or to the perpendicular (north to south) - either way will work.
*Burying project/s in the Alumina Hydrate. Dig a hole or flat area in the Alumina Hydrate and place the piece/s in that area. Gently pour alumina hydrate over the piece/s. Tap the container to settle or pack the alumina hydrate around the piece/s.

Curvature in metal clay. Bear in mind that whenever metal clay sinters, it shrinks in the direction of the largest mass. This aspect can be used to advantage.
When metal clay is fired in alumina hydrate, the part of the project that is buried will be heated longer because the alumina hydrate maintains the heat longer than any part that is not embedded and therefore, that part will be smaller than the other parts. For pieces that require slight curvature - place the piece/s on top of the alumina hydrate and gently tap the firing container and allow gravity to pack alumina hydrate around the piece/s. The part of the project in contact with the alumina hydrate will hold heat longer and shrink more as the metal sinters. This will result in a gentle curve.
If your project has a lot of fine detail, always make sure that the detail is facing upwards. Do not press delicate parts downwards into alumina hydrate or the detail may be degraded or lost.

A crucible or fire proof container is required to hold the Alumina Hydrate material. This sale is for Alumina Hydrate only and does not include a container.

NB. Alumina hydrate is hazardous if inhaled. Please read the SDS that is provided with this product and always follow the recommended safety precautions.
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