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Paragon Firefly Digital (INCLUDES SHIPPING**)


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The Paragon FireFly Digital (includes safety switch)**FREE SHIPPING **Please note that shipping is included door to door to Metropolitan Australian addresses. Paragon Industries designated couriers do not ship to some out of area and rural addresses and an additional local courier fee may apply from your closest Metropolitan City airport to your address. If in doubt please request a quotation door to door to your phyiscal address.
The Paragon Firefly digital is an excellent choice for beginners and because it plugs into a regular household outlet, it allows you the freedom to take this kiln with you to workshops or on holiday. It fires rapidly with a digital Sentry Xpress controller at the precise rate and temperature you choose. The controller stores up to 4 custom programs in memory. The display shows the kiln temperature throughout firing and cooling in your choice of either °F or °C. Customize your programs with up to 8 segments per firing. This kiln is the recommended choice of Hadar Jacobson who has spent countless hours testing and experimenting with all of the metal clays. This is part of what Hadar said in the May edition of Jewelry Artist Magazine "Since I've started working with copper and bronze clay I've switched to Paragon's Firefly Kiln. The steel box fills the whole space and the distribution of heat is even. It is brick and since it is a top loader, the heating elements are on four sides rather than three, so the kiln holds the heat better, without leak.This makes it possible to fire bronze and copper clay in multiple layers with full sintering"
The heat of this kiln is magical and offers wonderful surprises. Glass, enamels, silver clays and ceramic glazes undergo a complete transformation in the kiln. Opening any kiln to view your treasures is a festive moment that you will never outgrow. In the 200mm square x 112mm high interior you can fire small glass casting moulds and even drop moulds. But you are not limited to glass.The Paragon FireFly Digital can fire stoneware pendants and beads, chrystalline glazes, Low-Fire Ceramics, Silver Clay, COPPRclay, BRONZclay, China Painting Decals, Enameling, Glass Casting, Glaze Testing and also Porcelain. This kiln has the capability and power to reach 1290 degrees C.
The Paragon FireFly Digital is made of durable 65mm thick insulating firebrick, which stores heat for slow cooling and safe annealing of smaller glass projects. The solid 65mm thick firebrick top and bottom help seal in the heat. Sturdy construction makes this kiln a real little workhorse.
The hinged lid is self-adjusting to compensate for expansion at high temperatures. The hinge includes a stop that holds the lid open and out of the way. you can lift the lid with a handle on the front or a separate handle on the side.
A built-in 75mm tall steel base with damage proof rubber feet covers the entire firebrick bottom. You can place the kiln directly onto a heat-resistant work surface and no extra stand is needed.
This Kiln ships via UPS from the USA direct to the client in approx 3 week. OUR PRICE IS NOW INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING Please note: in the event that the courier may need to contact the customer regarding the delivery, it is necessary for a contact telephone number to be supplied by all Australian customers who purchase Paragon Kilns.
Electrical: 240 volts, 14 amps, 1,680 watts
Interior: 200mm square x 112mm high
Exterior; 375mm wide x 531mm long x 300mm high [ the 75mm tall built-in stand is included in the exterior height]
Maximum temperature: [1287 Celsius]
Shipping Weight: 45 lbs. [21 kilos]
Additional Extras:
The Furniture Kit for the Firefly Kiln is extra. The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for this particular model. When estimating the price of the kiln, we strongly recommend including the additional cost of furniture. The furniture allows you to stack multiple layers. Without it, you will only be able to fire projects that can fit on the kiln bottom.
Firefly Furniture Kit consists of:
1 C-7 Shelf
4 - 50mm long 25mm wide Square Posts
500g Bag Glass Separator
Furniture Kit Shipping Weight: 3.636kg
  • Model: Firefly
  • Manufactured by: Paragon

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