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BlueBird Paragon Kiln (INCLUDES SHIPPING**)


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The BlueBird Paragon Kiln (INCLUDES SHIPPING**) PLEASE NOTE REGARDING FREE SHIPPING: **Please note that shipping is included door to door to most Metropolitan Australian addresses but is subject to a final shipping quotation from Paragon Industries. Paragon Industries designated couriers do not ship to some out of area and rural addresses and an additional local courier fee may apply from your closest Metropolitan City airport to your address. If in doubt please request a quotation door to door to your physical address.
The Bluebird safely anneal glass beads to prevent breakage during cooling with the The BlueBird Paragon Kiln. This USA made kiln opens doorways of opportunity in beadmaking. Enjoy a full 510mm of width with the 50mm tall, 255mm wide double doors. This kiln is also ideal for busy teachers because it is like having two kilns instead of one.
The BlueBird Paragon Kiln features high-tech ceramic fibre insulation in the roof, walls and floor. The element is embedded in the roof between layers of ceramic fibre board to reduce dust.Paragon have added exciting new performance-enhancing features to the BlueBird, such as the stainless steel glass rod warmer on top of the kiln. Pre-heating glass rods saves production time. This is a true high performance kiln.
Insert bead mandrels into the kiln. The mandrel ends rest outside the kiln on 76mm-deep slotted stainless steel mandrel holders, cradled at two points. Adjust the height of the mandrel holders by loosening the screws underneath.
Side latches hold the doors closed while the kiln is heating to annealing temperature. Phenolic knobs stay cool to the touch. Rare-earth magnets hold the doors open when needed. A safety switch on the front panel turns off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use.
To save table space the Sentry Xpress digital controller is now mounted under the kiln in an ergonomic, sloped panel for easy operation. The built-in base stays cool even during extended hold times. It is slotted to dissipate heat and comes with mar-proof plastic feet.
The steel base supports the kiln in two layers. The upper steel base supports and strengthens the ceramic fibre floor; the lower steel base covers the entire kiln bottom where it rests on the work surface. Electrical components are mounted to the lower base, away from the heat of the firing chamber.
The BlueBird Paragon Kiln plugs into a standard household outlet. It draws only 1500 watts and is economical to fire. Specially designed cartons and vacuum-formed padding assure that the kiln will arrive safely.
The BlueBird Paragon Kiln has a durable high temperature, water-base finish.
The BlueBird’s user-friendly 3-key Sentry Xpress digital controller automatically maintains the annealing temperature selected. The controller is packed with features but is very easy to program. The kiln includes a Quick Start programming guide and a 16-page controller instruction manual, printed in colour.
The Sentry Xpress 3-key controller includes two modes: Single Speed and 8-segment Ramp-Hold. The solid-state controller continually monitors the firing so you can spend your time productively without closely watching the kiln. The sealed controller touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean.
Digital firing is very convenient. The reliable solid-state Sentry Xpress controller continually monitors firing and although it is unnecessary to closely watch the kiln we recommend checking the kiln occasionally during firing and also to monitor it near the expected shutoff time
BlueBird Paragon Kiln features:
Digital Sentry Xpress controller
2 x 255mm wide x 50mm high doors
adjustable 75mm deep slotted stainless steel mandrel holders
stainless steel glass rod warmer
Door latches hold the doors; rare-earth magnets hold doors open
153mm deep firing chamber (measured with doors closed)
Ceramic fibre roof, walls, and floor
Embedded roof element
25mm -thick ceramic fibre doors
Mandrel holders with 20 slots
648C maximum temperature
Mar-proof plastic feet
On-off safety switch
Features of the Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller on Paragon Fusion Kilns
Program up to 8 segments (steps) in Ramp-Hold mode.
Fire to a single temperature at a single speed in Single Speed mode.
Store up to 4 programs in Ramp-Hold mode.
Skip a segment in Ramp-Hold without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. (E.g.skip to the annealing segment.)
Change the target temperature in Ramp-Hold during firing without stopping the kiln to reprogram.
Hold (soak) the temperature in both Single Speed and Ramp-Hold.
Add Hold Time during firing without having to stop the firing to reprogram.
Easily control both heating and cooling in Ramp-Hold.
Program Review lets you check the program you are about to fire.
Program the Temperature Alarm to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Program an alarm that will remind you to check on the kiln.
Temperature display throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C
Thermocouple Offset adjusts the thermocouple readout.
Set the Delay to turn on the kiln at a time that best suits a busy schedule.
Error Messages report mechanical problems.
The sealed touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean.
LED Lights show whether you are in program, review, or firing mode.
Colourful, illustrated instruction manual.
Delvery - 3+- weeks. Shipping is direct from the Paragon factory in the USA to the customer in Australia. Please note: in the event that the courier may need to contact the customer regarding the delivery, it is necessary for a contact telephone number to be supplied by all Australian customers who purchase Paragon Kilns.
  • Model: Bluebird
  • Manufactured by: Paragon

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