We always try to feature interesting and inspiring work from a variety of Metal Clay and Mixed Media Artists
from around the world.

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Celie Fago USA - Artist Extraordinaire

Celie Fago has been a professional artist and writer for 35 years. She studied painting, printmaking, and sculpture at UVM, Mass College of Art, and Tufts, and Metalwork at the League of NH Craftsmen where she apprenticed to a classically trained Metal smith. Her widely exhibited, sort after jewellery, combining Metal Clay with Polymer Clay and Metal smithing, is distinguished by elegant design, resonant colour, and attention to detail. Celie Fago is highly regarded as a generous teacher, extraordinary artist and as an innovator in the combination of these materials. The author of numerous articles on PMC and Polymer Clay, she wrote the book Keum-Boo on Silver and co-authored Polymer Clay: Exploring New Techniques and New Materials. She also appears alongside Tim McCreight in the video “Push Play for PMC!”. When she is not traveling and teaching, Celie makes jewellery in her studio on her family farm in rural Vermont.

images/main/Celie Fago Bracelets Polymer Fine Silver 1.jpgimages/main/Celie Fago Bracelets Polymer Fine Silver 2.jpg
Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Bracelet and PMCCarved Polymer Clay and Metal Clay Bracelet

images/main/Celie Fago Bracelets Polymer Fine Silver.jpg

Smooth Polymer Clay Bracelets and Metal Clay

images/main/Black Ibis Pendant.jpegimages/main/Hand Pendant CF.jpeg

Black Ibis Pendant

Hand Pendant


images/main/Molusc Necklace CF.jpeg

Mollusc Necklace

images/main/small pod cf.jpegimages/main/bird box ring.jpeg

Small Pod Pendant

Bird Box Ring

PMC, Bronze Clay and Copper Clay - Jennifer Kahn - USA

images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Jennifer Khan.jpg


Bronze Clay, PMC, Mixed Media - Jennifer Kahn

images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Jennifer Khan Copprclay 1.jpeg

images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Jennifer Khan Copprclay.jpeg

Copper Clay Earring - Jennifer Kahn

Copper Clay Earrings - Jennifer Kahn

Silver Clay, Copper Clay - Angela Baduel-Crispin

Spice in Life Ring - Silver Metal Clay and Copper Clay - Angela Baduel-Crispin

Silver Clay, Copper Clay - Lisa Blackwell - USA
images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Lisa Blackwell Silver Clay and Copper Clay.JPG

images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Lisa Blackwell Copper Clay.JPG

Silver Clay, Copper Clay Links
Lisa Blackwell


  Copper Clay Heart Pendant
  Lisa Blackwell

Bronze Clay Vickie Hallmark - USA

images/gallery/Copper and Bronze/Vickie Hallmark Bronze Clay.jpg


Bronze Clay Bracelet - Vickie Hallmark

     Bronze Clay - Bev Gallerani  USA

Bronze Clay Pendant Collection - Bev Gallerani

PMC, Bronze Clay, Copper Clay - Hadar Jacobson - USA

Quilt Copper and Bronze Clay

images/gallery/Studio PMC Graphics/Bronze Quilt Hadar Jacobson.jpg

Hadar Jacobson - City Rings -  PMC


images/gallery/Studio PMC Graphics/Hadar Jacobsen Butterfly.jpg

Hadar Jacobson
Butterfly - Bronze Clay and Cat's Eye Beads

Hadar Jacobson

Spheres - Bronze, Copper and PMC

 PMC Beads - Elizabeth Agte USA - Orbiting Planet

PMC - May Bartrum Australia - Secmeet                  

Kathleen Bolan USA
"Sunset" PMC, Dichroic Glass

images/gallery/Studio PMC Graphics/Kathleen Bolan Sunset.jpg

Art Clay Silver - Mixed Media

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/victory Fatma.jpgimages/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/limon Fatma.jpg

Fatma Nur Bayaktar - Turkey
Art Clay Silver

Fatma Nur Bayaktar - Turkey
Art Clay Silver

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/5 Reduced.jpg

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/enamel 2 Fatma reduced.jpg

Fatma Nur Bayaktar - Turkey
Art Clay Silver

Fatma Nur Bayaktar - Turkey
Art Clay Silver Enamel

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/HollyGageBlossomsForDinner.jpg

Holly Gage USA - Art Clay Silver Patina - Blossoms for Dinner

Arnold Xuella USA

Art Clay Silver Hummingbird

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/XuellaArnoldHummingbird.jpg

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/MaryHettmanspergerIntersection.jpg

Mary Hettmansperger Art Clay Silver - Intersection - USA

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/jandobrowolskibracelet.jpg

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/jandobrowolskiminglisbrooch.jpg

Jan Dobrowolski - USA - Bracelet - Biwa, Andalusite and Fresh Water Pearls ACS

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/peggykooprockyroadring.jpg


 Jan Dobrowolski - USA - Brooch ACS

Peggy Coop - USA - Rocky Road Ring - ACS


images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/Lyle Rayfield Dreaming Nymph.jpg

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/ACS Jwa Mi Sun Korea Overlay.jpg
Lyle Rayfiled - ACS

Jwa Mi Sun - ACS


Kurt Madison (USA) ACS, Mixed Media - Of Mans First Disobedience

Jeon Hyun Hwa - ACS

Kim So Ra- ACS

Margot Casstevens (USA) ACS Mixed Media - Baby Face

K Miki - With My Memories

H Fujita - ACS Pins

Art Clay Silver, BRONZclay and Mixed Media
Gordon Uyehara USA

N Hasegawa - ACS Ring

Gordon Uyehara - ACS Last Forrest Spirit

Gordon Uyehara
ACS Spiritual Evolution

Gordon Uyehara - ACS Ancient Life

Gordon Uyehara - ACS Cretaceous Box

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/GordonUyeharaBronzeClayOctopus.jpgimages/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/GordonUyeharaBronzeClaySpoon.jpg
Gordon Uyehara - BRONZclay OctopusGordon Uyehara -BRONZclay Spoon

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/Gordon Uyehara ovaloid surprise.jpg

Gordon Uyehara - ACS, Glass Ovaloid Surprise

images/gallery/Art Clay Silver Gallery Graphics/GordonUyeharaDesire.jpg
Gordon Uyehara - ACS Glass Desire

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