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Kumihimo is a centuries old art form and a Japanese word for - braided cord. Braids can be found in many cultures, but the Japanese developed the highest order of braiding techniques and complexity. In the early 8th century, when the Buddhist religion spread in Japan, people began to use decorative braids in ceremonies. The making of these beautiful, usually silk, braids became an art, and later, people used colourful braids to decorate their clothing, hang ritual banners, lace samurai armour together, tie robes, and decorate weapons. Kumihimo has become one of the most popular modern forms of beading and braiding, allowing people of all ages and experience levels to produce timeless fashion and jewellery accessories. There are a number of ways that beaders, braiders and jewellery makers can begin Kumihimo braiding. The Kumihimo disk is probably the most practical. It is lightweight, portable, and significantly easier to use than the traditional Marudai.Please take a look at our Kumihimo Kits and fabulous Fibre Cords!