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PMC Pro™ from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is the brand new silver metal clay. PMC Pro™ is the strongest and most durable silver clay product ever released. Now you can make rings, bangles, cuffs, bracelets and links that hold up to wear. Create jewellery with delicate strands, strings and vines that won't snap. Confidently make strong clasps and findings. PMC Pro™ can be rolled into thin pieces without sacrificing strength.This is a major break though with Silver Metal Clay and the possibilities are endless with this new high strength version of PMC Silver Metal Clay. PMC Pro™ has working properties very similar to other metal clays. When moist it can be impressed with textures, rolled into sheets, moulded and sculptured, and dried over various forms for shaping. Create sculptures and jewellery with strength and durability. The tools used to work with in PMC Pro™ are the same as any other silver clay. If you already work with silver clay tools, we recommend cleaning them before and after using PMC Pro™. If cleaning between use becomes an issue, we suggest dedicating a set of tools just for PMC Pro™. Dry PMC Pro™, which is also known as greenware, can be carved, sanded, and filed to shape. The surface can be smoothed and refined in the same way as the other Silver Clays but PMC Pro™ has more "green strength" than the other fine silver clays, making it possible to carve and pierce the greenware more easily. Dry pieces can be attached with a paste made from a thinned version of the clay. Water can be used to bond elements together in simple or more elaborate constructions. PMC Pro™ must be fired in a kiln. Firing temperature: 760°C for 1 hour in a stainless steel firing pan, embedded in coconut shell–based activated carbon (make sure you have about 15mm of carbon surrounding each piece; avoid using too much carbon, as this will reduce the temperature inside the container). For one or two small pieces, it is possible to fire at the same temperature and reduce the firing time to 30 minutes. For larger pieces and full loads, fire at the same temperature for 2 hours. Melting point:790°C Density after firing: 9.5g/cm3 After firing PMC Pro™ has more resistance to surface scratching, more tensile strength and 5 times the bending strength of PMC3. On every level PMC Pro™ is a more durable silver clay product. This superior strength is because PMC Pro™ is an alloy. Fine silver clays, (PMC Standard, PMC+, PMC 3, and Art Clay Silver products) are 100% fine silver. PMC Pro™ is an alloy and is made from a mixture of metals. 90% of the metal weight of PMC Pro™ is fine silver and 10% is a proprietary mix of copper that give strength, hardness, and anti-tarnish properties to the final product. After firing, PMC Pro™ is 900/1000 parts fine silver and can be marked .900 fine silver.

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