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At Last! After two years of research, Mitsubishi has announced the release of a new product called PMC Sterling™. NEW PRICING!! PMC Sterling™ combines microscopic particles of metals in the precise proportions of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper which are the identical proportions of traditional sterling silver. The silver and copper metal powders are mixed with water and a nontoxic binder to create a material that can be worked as easily as modelling clay. Like traditional sterling, the alloy is strong, hard, and bright. To fire PMC Sterling™ you will need a jewellery kiln that is capable of reaching and holding both 538C and 815C. This is definitely the clay that Metal Clay Artists have always dreamed of. PMC Sterling™ is sterling silver in the form of a malleable clay which, when moist, has all of the working properties of soft clay. It handles beautifully and stays hydrated longer than any other silver clay products. It can be shaped with fingers or with modelling, sculpting tools.PMC Sterling™ can be moulded, sculpted or pinched into any shape imaginable. When it is dry, PMC Sterling™ can be sanded, filed, drilled, carved and shaped. After PMC Sterling™ has been dried and refined, the pieces are then taken through a two-step firing process that drives off the water, burns away the binder, and fuses the particles into solid metal. The result is very similar to cast sterling silver and can be polished, soldered, and patinaed just like any other precious metal.

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