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COPPRclay™ - Copper Clay

Rich in colour, full of history and representing an incredible combination of art and skill, new COPPRclay™ offers a world of possibilities.COPPRclay is so affordable, it can be used to sculpt large pieces and create specialized tools and can even be thrown on a potter’s wheel to shape copper hollowware. Available in generous 100-gram and 200-gram blocks, COPPRclay allows the artist to experiment with how far or how large designs can go! COPPRclay is pure copper and is also perfect for enameling. This is a One stage firing schedule for Metal Clay Adventures COPPR clay. Customers have had excellent results using this single firing schedule. Embed sanded and finished COPPR clay pieces in coconut shell activated carbon. Best not to lie pieces flat- stand them upright on edge embedded in activated carbon Be aware of where you place pieces in the pan (preferably away from your kiln's cool spot. Then cover embedded pieces with 10-15mm of coconut shell activated carbon. Container does not need a lid or the lid should be offset to allow free circulation of air. Air or oxygen is necessary to burn off the binder in the clay. Place the firing pan away from any area of your kiln that you know to be a cool spot or does not have heating elements (e.g.the door) Fire pieces at 899C for 2 hours. Allow bowl and contents to cool off in the kiln.

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