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FASTfire BRONZclay™

FASTfire BRONZEclay™ is the latest Metal Advetures bronze clay that cuts firing times significantly. This makes FASTfire BRONZEclay™ perfect for production work, for classes and workshops, or for those who prefer to get their creative endeavours completed quickly. FASTfire BRONZclay fires in 2 hours or less. Exact firing times will depend on the thickness of the finished item, the size of the firing pan and the type of kiln being used, FASTfire™ BRONZclay is very economical and offers a range of possibilities for jewellery-makers, artists and sculptors alike. It can be pinched, rolled, sculpted, cut or moulded in any way you like. Create larger pieces and sculptures or jewellery, jewellery components and custom made tools. When FASTfire BRONZEclay™ is fired, the binder burns away, leaving a solid, pure bronze object. FASTfire BRONZclay™ must be fired embedded in coconut shell–activated carbon in a stainless steel container with a lid. During firing the lid must be left slightly ajar. Activated Carbon, stainless steel firing pans with lids are sold separately. Kilns do vary and we recommend test firing a piece in your kiln using the FASTfire™ BRONZclay instructions that are available to print out on the Information Sheet Page - accessed via the FAQ or Home page.