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Moulds - Deep Resin

Deep Flex™ manufacture moulds for many different applications but we stock their Resin Moulds which are heavy-duty flexible plastic moulds. They are versatile and can be used for many applications including Resin, Polymer Clay, Air Dry Clay and all of the Metal Clays (Silver Clay, Copper Clay and Bronze Clay. These deep reusable moulds can be used to embed seed beads, watch parts, found items and more in resin but the full depth of Deep Flex™ moulds does not need to be used with clay or other modelling material. We also stock a range of the Resin Jewelry Molds which are very pliable and can be used for a range of different craft applications. As with all of our moulds, use as much or as little modelling material as you require to add a unique look to your own designs.