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Sculpey Premo is the top-of-the-line polymer clay that represents the culmination of several years' research and development, putting the talents and expertise of Polyform Products up against the most stringent demands of clay artists. The results are clear - if you need and want the best, use Premo Sculpey polymer clay. It is easier to work with and needs minimal conditioning, does not crumble and has more strength and durability after baking than similar products. Sculpey Premo! comes in convienient 56g or 450g Blocks. Polyform recently refreshed their Sculpey Premo Colour Palette and as well as introduing the Accents Range, they have added the following exciting new colours to their Basic Sculpey Premo Clay Range.• Denim • Spanish Olive • Navy Blue • Blush • Wasabi • Pomegranate • Candy Pink • Sunshine • Rhino Gray Some of the original colours will be discontinued and when our stocks run out they will no longer be available. Although these *colours are included on our discontinued list, it is rumoured that Zinc Yellow and Cobalt Blue may be removed from the list. Discontinued Colours are : Red Pearl, Green Pearl, *Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, *Zinc Yellow, Violet, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark