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HADAR'S CLAY - All Hadar's Clay including Quick Fire

Hadar Jacobson is an artist/teacher extraordinaire who specialises in the design & production of jewellery from metal clay but also has a reputation for experimenting and mixing various metal clays to produce stunning pieces of art. We are all the richer because Hadar very generously shares her observations and discoveries with the worldwide metal clay community. Hadar Jacobson is based in Berkeley California, She is the self published author of four outstanding metal clay books and has developed her own brand of metal clay powders. Metal Clay Australasia Pty Ltd is delighted to offer you a range of Hadar’s Clay™ products which are supplied in the form of powder. Hadar's Clay™ has a new improved formula which has lower shrinkage (approx 10%) better consistency and an indefinite shelf life. The clay is more receptive to oil and the mixing time is shorter.The powder is already mixed with a binder and only distilled water needs to be added. The advantages over pre-mixed clay are that you only need to mix what you need. It is easy to mix the clay to the desired consistency with no mess. Hadar’s Clay™ contains no preservatives, is very forgiving, soft, pliable, and sticks well to itself. Before using any of Hadar's Clay™ products please be sure to download the Hadar's Quick-Fire Clay Instruction Manual from our Information Sheet Page which is accessible through the FAQ Page. Alternatively please copy and paste the link below into your browser's address bar