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Shrink plastic is plastic stock that is heated and stretched in two directions until a thin sheet is formed. When heated again, the plastic returns to its original dimension and overall thickness. For creative uses, the plastic sheet is usually sanded and design is applied using a wide variety of art supplies. Scissors are used to trim and shape. Holes can be punched using an ordinary paper punch. When finished designs are baked and the plastic shrinks to approximately 45% its original size and returns to its original 1.6mm thickness. During the shrinking process most art materials are permanently bonded to the surface. The shrinking process has a wonderful effect on the design and colour that's applied before baking. Simple designs become crisper, elaborate designs look amazingly detailed, and colours look rich and vibrant. No special tools are needed. Before baking, the plastic is thin and can be cut with scissors. Complex cut out shapes that can't be made using scissors at the baked thickness stage are easy to make before shrinking. Baking Shrink Plastic. Good results are possible using a conventional or toaster oven. The heat that a conventional oven provides is a plus, especially when baking complicated shapes or pieces with interior cut outs, such as frames. PolyShrink can also be heated with an embossing heat tool. The maximum temperature of different models can vary widely and if you feel that the shrinking process is happening too fast, withdraw the gun 10-15cm back to slow things down. Keep the heat tool moving to heat the PolyShrink as evenly as possible. The shrinking process is fun, and you can flip your pieces over to help them heat evenly. Heating PolyShrink with an embossing tool is the method of choice for the Intaglio technique. Please refer to the PolyShrink General Instructions for details

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