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Fantasy Fibre is also known as fusible fibre or Angelina and feels like very soft wool. It comes in a vibrant range of mixed colours. Created from polyester films, Fantasy Film is a highly luminescent, transparent film which when heated shrinks. It can be used to create collage art and in many other ways that will bring brilliant light and luminescence to your work. It is wonderful for making Fairy Wings for polymer clay fairies, dragons and brooches. Fantasy Film also makes lovely wings for Butterflies and Dragonflies on cards and scrap-booking. Add glitter for extra sparkle Although it can be used "straight out of the bag", it is more common to fuse layers of the fibre together to form a flat sheet. No specialist tools are required for this, baking parchment and a standard iron are perfect. NEVER be tempted to iron directly onto the fibre - it will fuse on to your iron! Create a "sandwich" of the fibre between pieces of baking parchment. Be careful not to apply too much heat or pressure in one area for too long, or you could damage the fibre and colourloss may result. How to fuse the Fantasy fibre: 1. Set your iron to polyester or silk setting. 2. Place a piece of baking parchment on a flat surface. 3. Gently tease some Fantasy fibres to make a layer on the parchment. 4. Add more layers depending on how thick you want the fused fibre to be - start with a thin amount for your first few times, then increase the thickness as you gain confidence. An angel-hair effect is very pretty and common for the beginner. 5. Place a second piece of parchment, or a non-stick pressing cloth on top of the fibre. 6. Press firmly with the iron for 3-5 seconds. 7. Lift the top sheet of parchment carefully (it will be hot!) and you will reveal a totally unique sheet of fabric. Ironing layers of different colour fibre together will produce amazing effects. You will be able to predict the outcome of the fusing very quickly which allows you to create colours and textures like nothing you have ever seen before. Although water will not harm it, We do not recommended washing Fantasy Fibre. If you are using it on an article that needs to be washed, connect it with Velcro or something similar, so that it can easily be removed before washing. What can I do with my fibre once it has been fused? Anything you would do with fabric. You can use a punch or a die cutting machine to achieve the shape or pattern you need. For extra sparkle, add sequins or confetti between layers of fibre before you fuse them. Use thinner layers of fibre so the sequins show up well and glimmer through to the surface. Foil scraps and other fibres also work well. Remember once fused, your fibre can be stitched, folded or glued, just like any other fabric. How about creating pockets and envelopes for your scrapbook pages - it looks just like super-sparkly angel hair, but is so much easier to use. Once you have cut out your shape from your fused fibre, the originality is only just beginning! You can easily stitch onto your shape, and add beads, buttons, ribbon and gems. If you want to change the colour of your fibre - simply paint it. Alcohol Inks Like Pinata work very well. And how do I use my fibre with rubber stamps? As long as you have the correct temperature on your iron, there is no need to worry about melting your stamp! 1. Set your iron on polyester or silk setting. 2. Tease out some fibres to make a layer that is larger than your stamp, and put to one side. 3. Apply permanent ink to your stamp. 4. Lay your fibres on the inked stamp surface. 5. Cover with parchment. 6. Press firmly with the iron for 5-10 seconds, depending on the thickness of the fibres. 7. When the shape of the stamp shows through to the back of the parchment it is ready. 8. Remove the fibres from the stamp and the motif will have imprinted and bonded the fibres together. If you want to try a different effect you can leave out the inking of the stamp - just remember you won't be able to see the shape of the stamp through to the back of the parchment. Fantasy Fibre fuses to itself and to Fantasy Film. Both Fantasy Film and Fiber can be combined with Friendly Plastic.

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