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Pasta Machines are used primarily in kitchens but are also highly regarded amongst Polymer Clay users. Pasta Machines or in Makins case - the Ultimate Clay Machine are used for Clay colour mixing, rolling out consistently thick clay sheets and conditioning clay, Conditioning polymer clay is an important aspect of working with Polymer Clay and is like putting your clay through warm-up exercises. Properly conditioned clay will bend and stretch without cracking and will not have any air bubbles. The Atlas 150 Pasta Machine allows you to easily mix gorgeous colours and create Skinner blends. A Skinner blend is a controlled way to blend colours using a pasta machine. Please be aware that Makins Clay and Marcato offer no guarantees if their Pasta Machines are used on any products, other than Pasta or in Makins case - their own soft Makins Clay Brand. For the longevity and well being of your Pasta Machine always remember to use thin pieces of softened clay because you will be using a machine that was originally designed for the softer pasta dough or soft air dry clay, not polymer clay. NEVER use you Pasta machine with food after it has been used with Polymer Clay