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Swellegant is a wonderful line of metal coatings and colourants brought to us by the fabulous Christie Freisen. First of the Swellegent range are five different METAL COATINGS. Use these to coat most surfaces including polymer clay, metal, plaster, resin, wood, ceramics and much more. After your piece is coated, you have the choice of three PATINAS to add age to your piece – rust, verdigris or dark antiquing. How about a little colour? Thirteen Swellegant DYE-OXIDES are concentrated transparent colours. They act like patinas that soak into the other layers of your piece and transform all of the layers. You can add multiple applications to build up the depth of colour, or let it remain just a hint. All of the Swellegant metal coatings, patinas and dye-oxides can be layered in any order, as many times as you want. Experiment until you get the look you want. Finally the Swellegant satin finish CLEAR SEALANT will seal and preserve all surface applications and protect clothing. This sealant has been manufactured especially for use with Swellegant products.