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Although it is possible to fire Silver Metal Clay without a Kiln - there are well known limitations of size and not being able to utilize the amazing breadth of possibilities with Silver Metal Clay, BRONZclay and COPPRclay. There are no doubts that having the availability of a digitally controlled kiln, is "first prize". We are proud to be Australian Distributors for premium quality Paragons Kilns. If you do not see the Paragon kiln that you are looking for in our list of Paragon Kilns, please contact us and we will arrange a quotation for you. We have listed the Paragon SC series and many other popular Paragon kilns but Paragon Industries off a wide range of kilns that we can source for customers. The Paragon SC series kilns are ceramic-fibre kilns, which heat and cool quickly. You can fire metal clays, fuse glass, anneal glass beads, do enamelling and work with many other materials and processes. They're ideal for your home, school, college, craft workshop, jewellery studio, or arts centre providing jewellery courses. The Paragon SC series kilns which are the most popular amongst Metal Clay enthusiasts, come in two versions, as the SC-2 and the 50mm taller SC-3. They're both 1095°C, four sided, square, ceramic-fibre, front-opening kilns, with easy-to-use, ramp-hold, Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmers. The Paragon SC2 is arguably the the most popular kiln world wide. The Paragon SC series kilns are sometimes called Metal Clay kilns, annealing kilns, beading kilns, craft kilns, dichroic glass kilns, enamelling kilns, glass kilns, glass fusing kilns, hobby kilns, jewellery kilns, jewelry kilns, lampwork kilns, PMC kilns, Art Clay Silver kilns, Silverclay kilns, small kilns, or studio kilns. The Paragon SC series kilns are suitable for Art Clay Silver, BronzClay,COPPRclay and PMC Metal clays, Accent Gold, Metal Clay Veneer, china painting, glass-bead annealing, applying decals, dichroic glasses, enamelling, jewellery, lost-wax casting, low-fire ceramics, glass fusing, and small-scale glass sagging and slumping. The SC2 and SC3 are also available with a bead-annealing door as the SC2B and SC3B, a glass viewing-window as the SC2W and SC3W, and a bead-annealing door and a heat-resistant glass viewing-window as the more versatile SC2BW and SC3BW. The Paragon Kilns that we have listed in our shopping cart are kilns that draw 10 amps or less and are fitted with an Australian power cord/plug for 240v domestic supply. All carry a 12 month warranty. Kilns that are not listed may be over 50 Amps or Three Phase and will not leave the Paragon factory with a cord. With 50 Amps or Three Phase Paragon kilns, customers have to arrange for the kiln to be wired from the kiln to their wall. Please visit the FIRING page for our Paragon Kiln recommendations on specific media.