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PMC Sterling

This Precious Metal Clay™ comes out of the kiln as a SOLID sterling silver piece! Because it is sterling, this clay will have more than twice the strength of original fine silver PMC--ideal for more delicate designs and for pieces that just have to have the added strength. Roll,mold, cut, shape and fire versatile PMC® Sterling like any ordinary clay. After firing, your design comes out of your kiln as a sterling silver object. Create jewellery, beads or components. Anything you can do with clay, you can do with PMC Sterling™! Composition: Metal powder (92.5% fine silver, 7.5% copper), water and organic binder Color: Pickle white Shrinkage: 15-20% Physical Properties: • Firing temperature: 1,500°F (815°C) • Melting point: 1,640°F (893°C) PRICE INCREASES: UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO THE ONGOING AND SIGNIFICANT INCREASES IN THE WORLD PRICE OF SILVER AND GOLD, OUR PMC AND METAL CLAY PRICES ARE INCREASING. OUR PURCHASE PRICE FOR PMC HAS RISEN SUBSTANTIALLY OVER THE PAST FEW MONTHS. WE HAVE BEEN ABSORBING THESE INCREASES TO TRY AND KEEP OUR PRICES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. UNFORTUNATELY OUR PRICES NOW HAVE TO INCREASE IMMEDIATELY. OUR SINCERE APOLOGIES TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. PLEASE REST ASSURED THAT WE WILL ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO OFFER THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES WE CAN.

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