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PARAGON KILNS in AUSTRALIA. We are proud to be Australian Distributors/Agents of Paragon Kilns. Please be aware that with the continuing uncertainty and disruption to international shipping and flights around the world, international delivery times are unclear and may vary depending on the carrier. Although rare, there may be periodic disruptions to production due to the Pandemic and/or other unforeseen weather events around the USA. Paragon Industries have informed us that they are currently shipping internationally as usual, including to Australia. Lead times may depend on the Paragon kiln purchased. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery times but we are now estimating delivery times to be 5-6+- weeks from the time a kiln is ordered. MAY 2022. Due to world wide supply chain issues, Paragon Industries have added a new controller option. It is the Paragon Touch Express which is manufactured by the Bartlett Instrument Company. The Paragon Touch Express will now be the current and only alternative available. It will replace the now out of stock Sentry Express 5.0-3 Key Controller which is manufactured by Orton Ceramic Foundation. As of 2 May 2022 Paragon Industries will be using this smaller version of their Sentinel Touch Screen Controller in lieu of the Sentry Xpress 5.0-3 Key Controller. By offering this proven, high quality, touchscreen technology, Paragon Industries will be able to maintain production and their lead times. Please be aware that all new kiln orders will receive kilns with a Bartlett Touch Screen Controller NOT the Sentry Express 5.0-3 Key Controller. Paragon Industries are currently researching additional controller options. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING during these unprecedented times. Customers Please Note: WE ARE AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTORS/AGENTS FOR PARAGON INDUSTRIES USA. PARAGON KILNS ARE NOT STOCK ITEMS FOR US. ALL PARAGON KILNS ARE CUSTOM MANUFACTURED IN THE USA TO MEET AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS. THEY ARE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO OUR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS FROM THE PARAGON INDUSTRIES FACTORY IN THE USA. ALL CUSTOMS DUTIES AND GST DEEMED TO BE PAYABLE ON ENTRY INTO AUSTRALIA BY AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS, ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE KILN RECIPIENT, ADDRESSEE OR PURCHASER AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR QUOTED PRICE OF KILNS, ACCESSORIES OR SHIPPING. THE KILN'S SHIPPING/CLEARING AGENTS (MOST OFTEN UPS, FEDEX OR TNT) WILL ADVISE THE RECIPIENT OF THE AMOUNT PAYABLE ON ENTRY. CUSTOMS ENTRY FEES VARY BUT GST IS 10%.