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PARAGON KILNS in AUSTRALIA. We are proud to be Australian Distributors/Agents of Paragon Kilns. We are pleased to announce that from Monday 4th May, the Paragon kiln factory in the USA reopened. Paragon Industries are reporting that the factory will run full time again. Please be aware that with the current disruption to international flights around the world, international delivery times are unclear and may vary depending on the carrier. Paragon Industries have informed us that they are now shipping internationally as usual, including to Australia. Lead times will depend on the Paragon kiln purchased. We cannot guarantee delivery times but prior to the COVID19 Pandemic we estimated delivery to be approximately 3-4+- weeks from the time the order is placed. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING during these unprecedented times. Customers Please Note: WE ARE AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTORS/AGENTS FOR PARAGON INDUSTRIES USA. PARAGON KILNS ARE NOT STOCK ITEMS FOR US. ALL PARAGON KILNS ARE CUSTOM MANUFACTURED IN THE USA TO MEET AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS. THEY ARE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO OUR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS FROM THE PARAGON INDUSTRIES FACTORY IN THE USA. ALL CUSTOMS DUTIES AND GST DEEMED TO BE PAYABLE ON ENTRY INTO AUSTRALIA BY AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS, ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE KILN RECIPIENT, ADDRESSEE OR PURCHASER AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR QUOTED PRICE OF KILNS, ACCESSORIES OR SHIPPING. THE KILN'S SHIPPING/CLEARING AGENTS (MOST OFTEN UPS, FEDEX OR TNT) WILL ADVISE THE RECIPIENT OF THE AMOUNT PAYABLE ON ENTRY. CUSTOMS ENTRY FEES VARY BUT GST IS 10%.