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Lavender Oil Pure 5ml


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Lavender Oil Pure 5ml. Used for making your own extra strength oil paste for bonding previously fired items. Excellent for repairing breaks and cracks or for painting and sculpting onto silver metal clay greenware. This essential oil is grown and made by a family owned and operated farm. It is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. Comes in amber glass bottle for longer storage and built in dropper.
Lavender oil can be added to silver clay paste to make your own oil paste. Gradually add pure lavender oil drops to a thick PMC or ACS paste mixture (15-30 drops). Stir with a plastic spatula or wooden stick until it binds together. Let it sit overnight to assure complete absorption before using. You can make Lavender Oil with PMC plus, PMC3 and all Art Clay products.
When you want a strong bond on fired pieces Oil paste is essential.
1) Roughen the surface of parts needed to join (you can put them back in the kiln again for 10 mins to give them a rougher texture to adhere to)
2) Attach the 2 pieces with a good blob of paste. For extra strength add slip to seal in the edges
3) Allow to air dry slowly or overnight
4) Try not to move the pieces too much. It is important to remember that this bond is NOT as strong (before firing) as when you use regular slip/paste on unfired pieces.
Fire at the hottest temp your clay and inclusions can stand preferably for at least 2 hrs at between 850-900C
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