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5mm Round Moonstone Cabochon


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5mm Round Moonstone
This round AA-grade white moonstone cabochon presents an ethereally transparent, watery milk-white colour and the signature adularescence moonstone is known for. Consider using this stone with a dark, highly patina'd background which will effectively bring out its glow.

Moonstone is a member of the feldspar-group mineral orthoclase and features an iridescent sheen called "adularescence." Some believe that, to be correctly called moonstone, the makeup of a given stone is less crucial than the presence of the characteristic adularescence. In true moonstone, however, this characteristic is due to the presence of albite inclusions within the stone and the reflection of light from the crystalline structure. Ancient Romans believed moonstone to be rays of moonlight transformed into a solid form.
Mineral source : Tanzania
Stone size : 5mm
Stone(s) shape : Round
Material : Moonstone
Stone type : Natural
Color : Milky White
Grade : AA
Mohs hardness : 6–6.5

This stone is suitable for firing in place in PMC3 using the schedule with the lowest-temperature settings.
  • Model: 66890

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