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PMC Aqua 10ml


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We are delighted to launch PMC Aqua in Australia. PMC Aqua 10mls is a brand new Mitsubishi Materials Corporation product.

Water can rehydrate PMC when it begins to dry out but PMC Aqua extends the working life of PMC and brings it back to its optimal pliability.

PMC Aqua can be used to rehydrate all types PMC including PMC Sterling, OneFire Sterling PMC, PMC Flex and PMC3. Another big bonus with PMC Aqua is that it has the ability to turn PMC Flex into “Super Flex” The main benefit of PMC Flex is that it remains flexible after several hours of working. To increase this benefit even further, add PMC Aqua as described below. With "Super Flex" it becomes possible to make syringe-style clay or create flexible, strong sheets of clay. This unique ability to control the pliability of PMC Flex clay makes it perfect for quilling, plaiting and weaving.

Using PMC Aqua. Always shake the bottle before using PMC Aqua. PMC Aqua should be slightly milky in appearance, not clear. PMC Aqua can be used to recover and rehydrate partially dried PMC as well as pieces that are completely dry.

PMC Aqua can be used to restore and rehydrate all types of PMC that has started to crack or dry out. Achieving the desired level of flexibility with any PMC is a matter of matching the amount of PMC Clay and PMC Aqua with the “resting time” that allows the PMC Aqua liquid to interact with the binder in the PMC clay. We have given some guide lines below using 5 grams of PMC Clay. Adjust the formula accordingly.
Adding too much PMC Aqua with too little dried PMC clay will make the resultant PMC sticky. We recommend using less, rather than more PMC Aqua liquid. Leave the PMC Clay/PMC Aqua mix to rest and then add more drops of PMC Aqua if necessary. Sticky clay can always be exposed to the air and allowed to dry out until it is at the right consistency.

To restore approximately 5 grams of semi dry PMC Clay. Add 5 drops of PMC Aqua, mix and then rest for 10 minutes.
To restore 5 grams of dry PMC Clay. Break or crush the PMC into small pieces, add 15 drops of PMC Aqua and then rest for at least 6 hours.
To soften 5grams of fresh PMC Flex to make a thin sheet or coil for syringe, add 5 drops of PMC Aqua to the PMC Flex and mix well.

How to make a sheet out of PMC Flex Clay

Prepare the PMC Flex as per the suggestion above, roll into a ball, flatten by hand then roll out with a roller. Allow the sheet to sit uncovered for a few minutes to allow the surface of the clay to dry. Sheet as thin as 0.2mm can be made for origami, quilling, plaiting, weaving etc. Please note that the sheet will need to be structurally supported. Sheet thinner than a millimeter will break if it is bent too sharply.

How to make thin coils out of PMC Flex Clay

Prepare PMC Flex as per the suggestion above. Roll the clay into a suasage shape and load the soft clay into an empty syringe. (an empty PMC3 syringe is a great option). To start using the syringe, begin by inserting a needle or thin piece of wire in through the nozzle end. Slowly press the plunger. This removes excess air and makes extruding the clay easier. Trim the syringe nozzle to a size and shape for the coil size you need. Allow the extruded coil to dry out for a few minutes before using it. The coil is remarkably flexible and can be used in many ways.

Some handy tips and advice when using PMC Aqua

During storage, PMC Aqua liquid may become separated. Always shake before using.
If PMC Clay has become sticky after adding too much PMC Aqua. Leave the PMC clay exposed to air until it dries to the desired consistency.
When firing PMC clay that has been restored or mixed with PMC Aqua, avoid a rapid rise in temperature. A rapid rise in temperature can cause the clay to blister or deform. Alternatively, bring the kiln up to temperature gradually for the first 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, apply the same firing time and temperature as per the manufacturers instructions for whichever type of PMC is being used.
PMC AQUA SAFETY. In the event of contact with eyes, immediately flush eyes with plenty of fresh water. Although rare, it is possible for some people to experience a skin rash or itchiness from contact with PMC Aqua. If you have a reaction, discontinue use and consult a physician. Wash hands after use, do not ingest and keep out of the reach of children.
  • Model: JPM024
  • Manufactured by: Mitsubishi Material Corporation

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