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Purple Patch Medium


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This Medium Purple Patch dichroic glass cabochon is made from COE 90 glass and is easy to fire in place with silver metal clay. Colours are approximate, not exact but all are a Deep Purple with blue and red undertones. There may be flashes of blue and orange and hints of rainbow and pink. All are beautiful. Size range from 10mm to 14mm
Fire silver metal clay projects containing glass on a piece of ceramic fibre paper (placed on top of your ceramic fibre shelf) If you do not want the glass cabochon to change shape, fire the piece at 705C for 30 minutes and then anneal using the Regular (or no look) Annealing method (see below) If you want the glass to fuse to the metal clay, fire at 788C for 30 minutes, crash cool and anneal using the Crash-Cool method (see below).
Annealing is very important: If glass is cooled too quickly, it will crack. The way you anneal, depends on the temperature you have fired your piece at.
Crash-Cool Annealing - If you have brought your glass to melting point (full fuse temperature which is 788C or higher), you need to crash cool the kiln which brings the interior temperature down quickly and stops the glass moving. To crash cool, open the kiln door slightly (approx 5cm) and watch the temperature fall. When it reaches 590C, close the door. The temperature will begin to go back up. When the temperature stops rising, open the door again and allow the temperature to fall to 590C. Repeat this until the kiln stays around 590C. DO NOT open the door again until the temperature is below 95C.
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