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Pearl-Ex is made up of non tarnishing mica particles and can be used to create a variety of surface effects, from fine metallic sheens, shimmery pearlescents, glittery metallics, gorgeous marbelized effects and a variety of fauz finishes such as leather, hammered copper, raku pottery, antique metal and more.

Pearl-Ex Powdered Pigments can be added to any viscous (slightly thickened) medium and water based resists, silk screening paints, airbrush inks, textile paints, oil paints, gum arabic, varnish or gel to produce pearlescent or metallic lustres.

Pearl-Ex Information Sheet

images/main/pdf/icon.gif  Pearl-Ex Tips


8 NEW 3gm Pearl-Ex Colours

pearl-ex carbon black
pearl-ex pumpkin orange
pearl-ex salmon pink
pearl-ex pink gold

Carbon Black 640

Pumpkin Orange 641

Salmon Pink 642

Pink Gold 643

pearl-ex reflex violet
pearl-ex grey lavender
pearl-ex mink
pearl-ex sky blue
Reflex Violet 644
Grey Violet 645
Mink 646
Sky Blue 647


Pearl-ex 32 Set

3gm Pearl-Ex 32 Colour Set

1 of each $99.00 Bright Yellow, Flamingo
Pink, Spring Green, Turquoise, True Blue,
Misty Lavender, Blue-Russet, Sparkle
Copper, Pearl White, Aztec Gold, Antique
Silver, Duo Blue-Green, MicroPearl,
MacroPearl, Red-Russet, Super Russet,
Super Copper, Brillaint Gold, Sparkle Gold,
Antique Gold, Antique Bronze, Antique
Copper, Silver, Super Bronze, Sunset Gold,
Interference Red, Interference Blue,
Interference Green, Interference Violet,
Interference Gold, Duo Red-Blue, 
Duo Green-Yellow.


series 1-2
pigment set series 2pigment set series 3

Series I - 3gm       

650 - Micro Pearl
652 - Macro Pearl
654 - Super Russet
655 - Super Copper
656 - Brilliant Gold
657 - Sparkle Gold
663 - Silver
664 - Super Bronze
665 - Sunset Gold
673 - Interference Violet
674 - Interference Gold
680 - Duo Red-Blue

Series II - 3gm       

658 - Aztec Gold
661 - Antique Copper
662 - Antique Silver
682 - Duo Green-Yellow
683 - Bright Yellow
684 - Flamingo Pink
685 - Spring Green
686 - Turquoise
687 - True Blue
688 - Misty Lavender
689 - Blue Russet
690 - Sparkling Copper

Series III - 3gm       

640 - Carbon Black
641 - Pumpkin Orange
642 - Salmon Pink
643 - Pink Gold
644 - Reflex Violet
645 - Grey Lavender
646 - Mink
647 - Sky Blue
651 - Pearl White
660 - Antique Bronze
665 - Sunset Gold
681 - Duo Blue-Green

Lumiere & Neopaque -are light bodied paints that produce a super soft feel on untreated fabric, polymer clay, air dry clay, leather, silk, paper, wood and many other substrates.

images/main/pdf/icon.gif Lumiere Instructions

images/main/pdf/icon.gif Neopaque Instructions

Lumiere Exciter - Halo and Jewel Colour Pack

A great introduction to 9 gorgeous metallic and pearlescent light bodied colours. Super soft feel on untreated fabric, leather, silk, paper, polymer clay and wood.

Lumier Exciter Pack 9901

Lumier Exciter Pack 9901 Back

9 Colors: Sunset Gold, Pewter, Metallic Russet, Pearlescent Magenta, Pearlescent Emerald, Pearl Turquoise, Halo Violet, Halo Blue-Gold, Halo Pink-Gold.

Lumiere Neopaque Exciter Pack

MCJAC9901 This set includes 7 gorgeous metallic colours and 2 classic opaques. Both types have similar consistency and are designed to cover dark backgrounds.

9 Colours: White, Black, Pearl Blue, Pearl Violet, Pearl White, Metallic Bronze, Super Copper, Metallic Olive, Metallic Gold.

lumiere neopaque

lumiere neopaque back

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Piņata Colours are beautiful, colour-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks. They can be used on most any clean, oil-free surface, which makes them the ideal professional product. Highly versatile, Piņata can be used in a variety of applications, including rubber stamping, fine art, fibre art, and scrap booking. Also use Piņata in calligraphy, faux finishing techniques and airbrush applications, polymer clay with Mokume Gane and other techniques as well as wood and leather staining.

images/main/pdf/icon.gif Pinata Ink Information

Pinata Exciter Pack

Pinata Colour Exciter Pack


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