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We continually research and seek out the best available tools,materials and accessories for use with Metal Clay. These products are in keeping with that and we have found them to be excellent for use with Metal Clay and/or Polymer and Air Dry Clay. These and many more useful tools are available on the ordering page.
Unfortunately, due to the fluctuating Australian Dollar - prices are subject to change without notice.

 BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™ Combo Starter Kit  
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The BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™ Combo Starter Kit comes with the basic materials you need to get started working with BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™. A 100g package of BRONZclay™, a 100g package of COPPRclay™, 1kg of coconut shell activated carbon, and one stainless steel firing pan with lid is included in this starter kit.
AMACO Designer Push Moulds

AMACO Designer Moon Mould has four faces, Stars, and three themed words, including "Wish," "Dreams," and "Imagine." For this and other Maureen Carlson AMACO Moulds visit the Ordering Page

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      Makins Texture Sheets Set D and E - 4 Sheets per Set 


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Scientific Blades - Used with polymer clay for thin slicing of canes and clay materials. Slightly flexible, extremely sharp blades that allow clean, thin slices without pulling or tearing. Very useful with Metal Clay work.

NOTE: these blades should always be handled with extreme care

Kemper Cutter Sets - Check out all the other available Cutter Sets

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Kemper Cutter Set - SquareKemper Cutter Set - Circle

These useful Clay Shapers are perfect tools to engrave, shape, texture and mould wet metal clay.


Five tip shapes offering excellent control.

Clay Shaper tips are durable, flexible and easy to clean - just dip into water and wipe clean. The unique silicone tip allows any dried material to simply be peeled away!



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Taper Point Wire Tool

Double Ended Taper Point and Wire Tool (left)
Double Ended Flat Chisel and Wire Tool (right)

Flat Chisel Wire Tool


Works like a belt - simply turn around and push end through to form a
ring shape. Slip onto finger,adjust to give a comfortable fit. Read off the
indicated size - only USA Ring Sizes currently in stock



Clay "Snake" Roller - Useful for making uniform rolls or snakes of clay 

images/main/pdf/icon.gif  How To Use The "Snake" Roller

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Gloves In A Bottle 2oz
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Gloves In A Bottle is perfect for coating hands prior to using all metal clay but especially BronzClay and COPPRclay.

8 Piece Syringe Nozzle/Tip Sets

Syringe Tip Set (14,16,18,22,Half Dome 16/18, Ribbon 16/18 - Total 8Tips)

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Exceptional Value
Code MCS-136K
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